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    • UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship 2019-2020
      Please see scholarship page, for the details on this years requirements. Thank you and good luck.

      Voting Results 6/1/2020 - Elected will take office July 1st, 2020

      Congrats to the new VP for Walla Walla District - Ed Hodges. * A big thanks to Mike Flowers for many years as the WW VP.

      Congrats to the new VP for Lower Columbia District - Dan Rice. * Thank you Mr. Ron Brumbaugh for many years serving the Lower Columbia as a rep and as the VP, enjoy your retirement.


      5/21/2020 Members logon to have access to the Wages page of our site... 2020 update.

      3/30/2020 We need your E-mail. Please register on this site or send us your personal e-mail. We will need it for upcoming elections and other notifications. uptosecretary@yahoo.com Also it looks like all districts are at some form of minimal staffing. 

      3/27/2020 - Seattle District has implemented minimal staffing. I am checking Portland and Willamette to verify their status.

      3/24/2020 - The Latest News is that Walla Walla is going to minimal staffing, we are told the other two districts will follow soon. The plans are coming down from USACE HQ ... The District Commanders are empowered to make the final call. WW shows us that it can be done. That’s a good thing. Please actively check the web site as not all folks will be taking a VPN laptop home with them. As the Secretary, I see most of the email traffic. Right now it is very extensive. I want you to know that your UPTO President is putting in long days working with the Division to do the right thing when it comes to our members and their safety. This is all new territory for the Agency and UPTO so please have some faith that we are doing our best to help you. If you have a concern, get it to your VP as soon as possible. We are also working with our retained Legal Team to make the best moves possible. Stay safe and God Bless You and your families. - Bret

      Detailed graphics on the virus. https://www.ft.com/coronavirus-latest

      Detailed Map. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

      Pay News 2020
      Our annual wage survey will start in May, our raise should be in effect June 1st 2020. Watch the web site for updates. Have a great day.
      2020 Annual training for project Reps. Cousin's Inn, The Dalles, OR. Arnie White was recognized for all of the years, hard work and decication to UPTO. Including time as President and multiple contract negotiations. 
      UPTO Scholarship 2019-2020

      Congratulations! to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2019-2020, Caden Brown and Jedrek Matthias! Students will each receive $2000 during their first year of college or trade school. They will also receive an award plaque presented by their District VP, (or designated representative) after the General Meeting. Thank you to all the students who applied and we wish all the applicants the best in their future education and careers.

      Life Flight Applications & Updates

      01/02/2020 *** Send in Life Flight Apps/Updates in by Jan31! *** - Life Flight is paid for by our existing UPTO funds. Life Flight is for you and your dependents as well. See Form. Life Flight Form  Life Flight is networked with other providers and covers most of the northwest. See coverage area here > lifeflight.org For the few Southern Oregon Folks, (out of Life Flight coverage area) you can join Mercy Flights instead.  > mercyflights.com Print out the form, fill it out and send it to Jake. Send by Email: treasurer@unitedpowertrades.org

      2020 General Meeting and Nomination Convention


      Members of UPTO,

      The 2020 General Meeting and Nominating Convention - Date & Time: February 28, 2020 @ 0800, Location: Cousins Country Inn, 2114 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058. Members in good standing are eligible to nominate candidates for UPTO offices. Eligibility for office, in accordance with the UPTO Constitution is membership in good standing for a continuous period of one (1) year immediately preceding the election. Any member in good standing may propose additional provisions or amendments to the UPTO Constitution or Bylaws. Proposals must be submitted to the UPTO Secretary, uptosecretary@yahoo.com by 15 January, 2020 so they may be published with the General Meeting agenda 30 days prior to the meeting as required by our UPTO Constitution. Proposed Constitutional amendments or additions must include the name of the person making the proposal, the number and wording of the old article in the UPTO Constitution or Bylaws, the proposed new wording of the article, and an explanation of the need for the proposed amendment or additional provision.

      2019 UPTO General Meeting - April 12

      Hello UPTO Members,

      The General Meeting of the United Power Trades Organization was held on the 12th of April, 2019 in Post Falls, Idaho. This posting on the UPTO website is a summary of the business conducted at that meeting.

      Treasurer Jake Chambers provided the financial report which shows our organization in strong financial condition. Our bank accounts continue to increase despite several recent arbitrations.

      During a committee report on training, a question was asked about apprentices being placed in journey positions early. According to the “Standards of Apprenticeship” agreement between the Agency and UPTO, the program can be accelerated but no more than a year. This agreement can be found on the UPTO website here:


      We had a long discussion about medical surveillance. The Agency has hired an occupational health specialist to facilitate a division wide program where all employees are tested similarly and testing required will be specific to the hazards exposed to in the workplace. A question asked was whether an employee can use their own personal physician for the annual medical surveillance physical. The short answer is yes, as long as the Agency can get access to all required information. For more about medical examinations and related payment, visit here:


      There were several UPTO Constitution and Bylaw change proposals. Three proposals would require salaries and all reimbursement claims to be paid through Direct Deposit. These three proposals passed unanimously.

      Another proposal would require the UPTO President to nominate a qualified member to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board within 60 days. Also, if one person was appointed to more than one office by the Executive Board, they would only be permitted to receive one salary for the highest office held. Both of these proposals passed.

      A proposal to raise the monthly salary of UPTO Project Representatives from two hours journeyman pay to four hours journeyman pay passed.

      Proposals to limit projects to one alternate representative and for UPTO District boundaries to conform to USACE District boundaries both failed. Additionally, a proposal to limit UPTO officers to current federal employees failed.

      For further information on these or any other subjects related to UPTO, don’t hesitate to contact your Project Representative, Vice President or President.

      In Solidarity

      Jack W. Heffling, President

      United Power Trades Organization

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